Welcome to Furncor Engineering

Furncor is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of furnace spares in South Africa.

Since 1993 we are striving to maintain world class standards in our manufacturing. We have been of service to most of the leading furnace designers and manufacturers in the world like Tenova Minerals.

Making use of advanced drafting software and CNC machining we are able to manufacture furnace components for the local as well as international market.

This is what we do:

Contact shoes

The Copper Pads are arranged in circular segments around the electrode. They supply the Electrode with the large electrical currents carried by Busbars or Bustubes from the Transformers.

Pressure Rings

It is the component that surrounds the Contact Shoes on the Electrode Columns. It supplies pressure to the Contact shoes enabling contact with the Electrode.


Hollow Copper Tubes that conduct large electrical currents and or distribute currents between various points. In the Smelting Furnace between Transformer and Electrode. The Copper Tubes are water cooled.


A thick strip of Copper that conducts large electrical currents and or distributes currents between various points, being Air Cooled. The Busbars run in the Smelting Furnace between Transformer and Electrodes.

Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Fabrications

Various Water Cooled Panels and sections used in and around the Furnace and Electrode Columns. They can be fabricated from Stainless Steel and or Mild Steel.

Copper Connectors & Flexibles

Connectors are the items that connect the bustubes and busbars to the Water Cooled Copper Flexible. connectors can be Casted or Manufactured from solid copper Material.

Existing clientele serviced by Furncor Engineering: